These are some of my works

http://oceanraiderinc.com/category/boat-carpentry-south-florida/page/2/ Given my interest in international politics, the stories I cover are usually video and photojournalistic productions linked to human development, migration and religion issues.

This is me

I like to film, write, communicate and travel everywhere. My interests have always been very much in social, political and economics affairs. I have travelled through the States, South America, South East Asia, India, ex-Soviet countries and Magreb. Whatever the place, I always carry a camera with me.

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This is my company


how old do you have to be to buy dulcolax unozerozerouno is a Milan based video production studio. We produce the idea from concept to completion including pre and post production, editing, and filming. We make films, documentaries, branded videos, videos for marketing and PR, social content and live events.

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My job

I work as video producer, journalist, host and presenter for media companies and newsrooms.

I am an ambitious, hard working person who enjoy discovering new stories and going into depth about facts.

I am a quick learner and I enjoy consuming interesting and new media. My ability to communicate in three languages allows me to bond and engage with enquiring minds and win over the confidence of people.

I have worked for advertisement companies, on set of long form documentaries and short films and in television news rooms. I learned over the years how to adapt to different working environments and to work under pressure in any circumstance.

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Next Steps...

Project Ideas

Every production is different. Every travel can bring new inspiration.

enter site Upcoming projects:

new photojournalistic project on Human Elephant Conflict in Sri Lanka