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follow link My first reportage for NEMO, Rai2. Exploring a central neighbourhood in Milan, considered one of the most dangerous. We'll try to understand how migrants live their lives here.


Host at VICEonSkyTG24

This 2016 series of documentaries for VICEonSkyTG24 saw me as presenter and host. We have widened our area of interest, focusing on more international issues: from ISIS recruitment strategies to the expansion of the Nigerian mafia in Italy, VICEonSkyTg24 has never been so powerful!


Video producer for VICE Italy

Working for VICE means much more than working for an international multimedia company, it means being a journalist, a producer, a reporter and a video maker at the same time. Producing content for VICEonSkyTG24 has been challenging but thrilling, look out for the third season!


Players - Producer

Desperados is calling for better parties! Unleash #PartyInstinct. A series of videos on vibrant parties around Italy produced by


NOSTOS - GOING HOME by Silvia Boccardi

Nostos is the Greek word for homecoming.

Why are thousands of migrants in Greece trying to get a repatriation permit? And why does Europe finance their travel home? Check out the documentary here.


A QUESTION OF CHOICE by Silvia Boccardi

Why is it getting more and more difficult to have an abortion in Italy? This short news piece shot in Milan and London investigates why conscientious objection to abortion can be other than a moral choice. And a really dangerous one.


 Lampedusa in Hamburg

My first video on Corriere della Sera homepage (04/10/13)
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Master Showreel 

A short example of what I've done during my Master.